Photo by: Patrick Brennan

By: Patrick Brennan/Business Operations Manager

Mr. Beigert is a new substitute teacher here at Blue Ridge. Raider Reader conducted an interview so you can get to know him.

RR: What made you want to teach?

Beigert: More using a means to the end, a job you pick when you work.

RR: When did you start?

Beigert: 2 months ago

RR: Do you enjoy substituting? If so, what is your favorite part?

Beigert: I enjoy it sometimes. I like when I get classes in chemistry, biology and math, and adding new knowledge and accessibility that some teachers didn’t have.

RR: What do you like doing in your free time?

Beigert: I like doing Jujitsu, working out, and my seasonal job of white water rafting.

RR:Where do you hope yourself in the future?(Career wise)

Beigert: I’m hoping to get my masters in biochem, Phd in nutrition and work in medicine.


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