Student Feature: William Clauson

Junior, Will Clauson

By: Dylan Stone/Sophomore Writer

Many of you may have seen Will Clauson walking around the halls of Blue Ridge. However, there is a lot more to him than your first thoughts might have been.

Back in September, Clauson tried out for the wrestling team. Sadly though, he was turned down due to the fact that he was too heavy to be put into a weight class. As a result of his disappointment, he decided that he wanted to change himself. Since then, he has been working towards making it next wrestling season and doing what he loves.

Clauson said he was “disappointed that I didn’t make it, but I plan to lose weight to make it next year for sure.”

It is my belief that Clauson should stand as a role model for all of us at Blue Ridge and symbolize the mindset everyone should have in their lives. That mindset being, that through perseverance, we can achieve our goals and dreams as well as the most basic theme, hard work pays off. While that might sound cheesy and like a cliche, it is true and Clauson is a living example of that.

In addition to his perseverance, Clauson is also quite the genial fellow. He is a really calm and down to earth kind of guy that is fun to talk with about practically anything. So, if you see him around the school, don’t be afraid to go up to him and say a simple “hey” and you will gain a great new friend.