Spring Sports

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor

Winter sports are over and spring sports are right around the corner. With this being the last sports season of the school year, you can expect our senior athletes to put on a show for us. The Boy’s Volleyball team was undefeated last season and is looking to maintain the top spot in the league. The track team is looking to improve this season with a lot of younger players and the baseball team is looking to remain a contender for the league title.

The Boy’s Volleyball team had an incredible season last year going 12-0 in the league. Unfortunately, the team lost six seniors, all apart of the starting lineup. The team lost their star player Dom Rogers, finishing last season with a whopping 392 assists.

We asked this year’s senior, Garrett Mansfield, on what the team’s goals are for this season saying, “We have three goals for this year: win the league, maintain our undefeated streak, and to make a run in this years district playoffs.”

We were also curious about his personal goals and he replied, “I definitely want to be a league all-star and a regional all-star. It’d be nice to have over 150 kills this year too.” Mansfield finished with 142 kills last season.

The track team this year is very young once again and has a primary goal of improving. The team didn’t exactly have the greatest season last year, considering they did not win a game. The future looks bright for the team, but we were curious about the aspirations for this season.

We interviewed a senior member of the track team, Emma Mangel, asking what the team’s goals are this year, “We just need to improve as a whole. We aren’t expecting a breakout season, but we need to fill up the win column.”

We asked Mangel what her personal goals are for the season, to which she replied, “I want to break the school record in discus. I also want to go to districts for shot put and discus.”

The baseball team has had a lot of success over the past few years, winning a few league titles and always making a run in the playoffs. They’re looking to continue the streak this year and to dominate the league once again.

Once again asking about the team’s goals this season, we interviewed junior, Kaleb Folk, “Our main goal this season is to win the district title again. A moral goal we need to achieve is playing together this year; having unity. There was not any of that last season.” A personal goal Folk had was to break the school record of 20 steals in one season.

As for the softball team, they’re future is promising considering they have a young team. The team didn’t make a run in the playoffs, but as described by a few players, they want to change that. Junior and star player, Danie Goff, is looking to have over 500 strikeouts by the end of her high school career.

Spring sports are starting soon and the Raiders are going to need support at all of this year’s home games. There is definitely an impact on the game when there are fans in the stands!

Senior Gavin Bradley is a first year writer. He is a member of the varsity basketball and soccer team, but has played all sports, he is also a former class president. Gavin is a DJ and enjoys politics.