Spring Shouldn’t Stink

Photo by Hayley Kohlhepp/Senior Writer

By: Hayley Kohlhepp/ Senior Writer

As warmer weather approaches, we all dread the one thing that makes warm weather stink, THE STINK. Deodorant, perfumes, lotions, showers, soap, and other smell-good things are the key to helping this epidemic of sorts. Why be personally concerned, you ask?  Not only is smelling bad unpleasant for your peers and superiors, bad personal hygiene is also bad for your health and can simply be taken care of head-on with a solid swipe of deodorant and slight application of your favorite perfume.

Let’s start with the basics: showers WITH SOAP. As we go about our lives, we sweat–and once the sun comes into the equation, all bets are off! Showers either daily or nightly or at least every other day are the biggest step towards smelling your best. Try to wash all the areas that tend to smell the worst. Your armpits, feet, and genitals usually give off the most body odor, according to The Department of Health.

Next, we proceed with what we should do after the shower. The shower is the way to clean off all dirt, bacteria, and smells, but to maintain this fresh clean scent, deodorant is a MUST.  Spring has officially arrived! And that means even an extra swipe or two of this glorious product won’t hurt anyone. Add on some perfume before you run out the door or maybe apply some lotion right after the shower and all of those stinky problems will be out the window!

Finally, try to wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Unfortunately, in this area there is no good time to pull out the spring clothes because who knows when we will have more snow, but don’t fret! One easy tip to battle these cold mornings, then warm afternoons, is layers. Wear a favorite tee then top it off with a hoodie of your choice. This gives you the option on what to wear based on the weather.  That t-shirt will become one of your best friends in a class of 28 during ninth period.

Don’t let the excitement of warm weather steer you away from your common knowledge! Try showering more often once the warm weather approaches, and don’t be afraid to put on that extra deodorant throughout the day! With deodorant and perfume in hand, we can help end the epidemic of BAD HYGIENE.

Hayley Kohlhepp is a senior and first-year writer for the Raider Reader. She loves to write and hang out with her family. Hayley plans on studying social work at SUNY Broome College in hopes that she can pursue her true passion, helping others.