Sports Feature: Danie Goff

By: Gwen MacConnell/Co-Sports Editor

Danie Goff is a star athlete who always puts effort in, on and off the court/field. Goff has played basketball since first grade when she participated in BRBC (Blue Ridge Basketball Club). She also has been the starting pitcher on the girls varsity softball team for the past two years now. She started off playing softball when she was around five-years-old for one of Blue Ridge’s tee ball teams.

Goff is a very strong and dedicated team player. When I say dedicated, I mean that she rarely ever misses a practice, and that she always gives her all at every practice. Goff is also very passionate. She plays with a sense of pride and always leaves it out on the court.

On the subject of college plans, Goff says, “I would love to play competitive softball.”

She is determined to go further with her favorite sport and her future is definitely looking bright. As of now, Goff is a two-time MVP for her varsity softball team.

Along with doing really well at softball, Goff is also an amazing basketball player. Her most recent exploit was the game against Lackawanna Trail, where she had a total of 21 points and was the leading scorer for Blue Ridge.

She reflected on it by saying, “It feels really good, but I couldn’t have done it without the rest of my team.”

When asked about her favorite part about playing basketball she said, “Being able to hang out with my team and friends.”