Photo by Kaelin Hughes

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

The week of March 18th, the Region Chorus students departed for the well awaited festival. After auditioning, they waited for their scores and placements, hoping to be in the top four for their section, qualifying for All-State Chorus.

Junior Spencer Renwick placed third out 20 Tenor 2’s, and will be going to the All-State festival on April 3rd.

When asked about qualifying, Renwick stated that he “didn’t expect to make it,” and was extremely excited.

He continues on about how he always admired the Choral Wall of Fame and wanted to end up on it, but never thought he would because it requires qualifying for All-States. Now that he will be added to it, Renwick finds it fulfilling that he will be there permanently, being like a dream come true. He also adds that it’s odd, but nice to hear all of the support and “congratulations” from the students, faculty and staff here at Blue Ridge.

“I practiced my music just about every night,” he says nervously. “I was surprised that I knew it so well, considering that I had lines to memorize for the show,” alluding to his role as Marcellus Washburn in the music department’s recent production of “The Music Man.”

Ms. Zakarauskas was even more surprised when given the results for Region Chorus, saying she was “so proud of Spencer and all the hard work he’s put into his music for the festival and for the show.” She hopes he does even better for the upcoming festival.

In conclusion, Spencer Renwick is ecstatic about qualifying for All-States, and many here at Blue Ridge, both faculty and students, are extremely proud of him and his hard work.


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