Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sibling Feature: Mills on the Field

By: Jack Condon/Business Operations Manager

One of two sets of twins in the junior class, Ryan and Connor Mills are active members of the athletic community at Blue Ridge.  Both are involved in the Varsity Soccer team and the Varsity Track and Field team. The Mills twins are highly successful in athletics and in their academics, as they are taking AP classes, and are involved in a various number of clubs.  

On the soccer field, the Mills play at opposite sides of the field,  Connor playing most of the time on defense, and Ryan playing on offense in the striker position.  Even though they are not directly playing together, they have played a crucial role in the teams success for the last two years. 

During the track and field season, the divisions get even wider; Connor throws discus and shot-put, occasionally competing in running events, while Ryan focuses mainly on the jumping side of track and field, competing in the triple jump, long jump, and high jump. During the 2019 season, Ryan placed second and medaled at Districts for the triple jump.

Connor and Ryan are not just their athletic achievements; they have many interesting facts about being twins to share.  When asked who was older, they both replied that Connor is older.  

All parents say they don’t have a favorite, but it’s easier to say you don’t then to not show it. The twins claim that Ryan is their mom’s favorite, Connor their dad’s.

Being a twin is not always a bad thing, but they believe there is cons, the most annoying aspect being how they have to share just about everything. The two also used to get mixed up by others around them, but they say that they don’t anymore, except that their AP Government teacher, Ms. Ross, calls Connor by his brother’s name all the time.

The Mills brothers have taken Blue Ridge High School by storm not just for being twins, but for their academic and athletic achievements that will continue to grow rapidly. 

Jack Condon
Jack Condon is a senior writer. He runs cross country and track while also enjoying everything to do with art and fun activities. He always looks to the future and peruses what would be best for the success of whatever he is doing.  He is happiest when in the mountains on a trail listening to the sounds of nature.  He feels as though the best way to discover the world around him is by putting on running shoes and exploring.  All in all, he falls in love with what he is doing with all his heart.


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