Senior Year Stress

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

As many people know, senior year of high school holds many responsibilities for the seniors to uphold.  There are college searches and applications, scholarship applications, SAT tests, making sure current transcripts are sent to the prospective colleges, and finally making sure current grades continue to be good.  There is also the fact that many might not have come to terms with this actually being their last year in high school, Emily Formosa says that “this is my last year and it is really hitting me now.”  Even though there are so many things to do, they still feel the need to try to balance free time smoothly with the responsibilities in order to remain sane.  Some people feel too stressed by all of this while there are some who handle it all like there’s nothing to it.

At this time of year, many students are being accepted into colleges while many are still applying or waiting to hear from the colleges they have applied to.  Some students are even still in the application process of turning everything into the admissions office for their colleges of choice.  While there are a rare few who are completely done with their search and have committed to a school they were accepted into, hoping it is their top or close to their top choice.  Formosa’s college search is done, she has been accepted into her top choice school.

Currently in school, right after Thanksgiving break, the senior trip is in the works and even though the limit of students needed to have the trip was at least fifty, about forty-five are signed up.  With forty-five students, Mr. Vincent LoRusso says that he can “…make it work.”  With Mr. LoRusso, Formosa’s goal, as Vice President, for this senior class is to “have an awesome senior class trip and to have a super close class that gets along better than those in the past.” There’s more stress added to the plates of these seniors trying to meet all of these deadlines that keep flying at them.  Keeping up with all of this stress has been deemed difficult and easy to deal with by different students.  It has been especially stressful for class officers at this point in the year, and Formosa can attest to this as she is the Vice President of the senior class.  Although she sees the stress as an officer of the senior class, as a student Formosa says “It’s not super bad. I just face each challenge day by day.”

Emma Glezen is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and this is her first year in Journalism. She plays volleyball but, loves to watch baseball. She cherishes her family and two dogs, Jett and Gypsy. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, spending the time hunting and fishing. She also hopes to further her education at Penn State Hazleton to be a physical therapist assistant.