Senior Trip 2.0

Courtesy of David Allen

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

As the days fly by, seniors are growing more and more anxious about the upcoming senior trip. (While there will be information regarding the trip included in this article, it is suggested that you visit an article I wrote prior to this one at this link for more specifics: ).

The main focus of this article will lean more towards what supplies students should bring with them, what they should expect while on the trip, as well as what events are currently scheduled.

Suggested Supplies:

  • Sunglasses (good ones)
  • Swimwear
  • An appropriate amount of clothes (enough for 4-5 days, and a nice outfit for the dinner)
  • Toiletries, sneakers and flip flops (there will beach time and other events that require walking around a bit)
  • Sunscreen (not the wimpy stuff)
  • Entertainment device(s) for the trip
  • Extra money on hand! (for merchandise, private events and other wants/needs)
  • Good vibes!

Currently Scheduled Events:

  • Surfboarding lessons (price TBA)
  • Cave tour
  • Haunted House (price TBA)
  • High end dinner
  • Water/Amusement Park
  • Beach time (lots of it)
  • Assorted restaurants
  • Shopping at outlets


Luke Updyke is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and strives to do something new every single day. He enjoys creating music and pushes himself to do the best he can in all he does.