Sunday, May 24, 2020

Senior Feature: William Dixon

By: Chase Cosgrove/Sophomore Writer

William (Will) Dixon is an 18 year old senior at Blue Ridge High School who is passionate about becoming a mechanic and is pursuing a career in the field after he graduates from high school. The student developed an interest in the field at a young age when he would help his uncle. He has always had a love for working on vehicles and an interest in semi-trucks.

Will is not currently in any clubs or sports, but has a job outside of school where he works as a mechanic in Hallstead. He is trying to learn as much about the field as he can to gain experience so he can become a skilled mechanic after graduation high school.

The 18 year old currently isn’t looking into any colleges, but is considering attending trade school where he will be able to learn more about the mechanic industry, and more about vehicles and how they work.

The senior also says he is not too keen on moving away from Pennsylvania, but is willing to look into other places as long as it benefits his career as a mechanic.

When he was asked what advice he would give other students who are transitioning into high school, or are currently having a tough time with school, he says, “push through and take it slow. You’ll miss this.”

Chase Cosgrove
Chase Cosgrove is a Sophomore who enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games.


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