Sunday, May 24, 2020

Senior Feature: Seth Anderson

By: Madison Welsted/Content Editor

“Don’t be stupid. Get shtuff done.” – Seth Anderson

Seth Anderson is a high-achieving student here at Blue Ridge. He has earned the AP Scholar with Honor award, which proves his dedication and capabilities when it comes to school work. He is currently enrolled in four AP classes, and has taken nine AP courses altogether.

Additionally, Anderson has been involved in Leo Club and other volunteering activities throughout the school. On the weekends, he holds a part-time job at Rob’s Market.

After high school, Anderson plans to attend college for a degree in computer science. He has already applied and been accepted to University of Scranton and Binghamton University, but is leaning towards attending University of Scranton. While at college, he intends to focus mostly on school work.

The next few years, as Anderson anticipates, will be extremely difficult. However, he is more than capable of achieving a career of high standards. He says his dream job is to participate in leading people to space by working as a type of engineer.

For all the underclassmen, Anderson has an interesting piece of advice. He says with the best intent, “Don’t be full of yourself. You aren’t special.” By this, he means that we should never think that we are too good to work hard, and that we all have aspects of ourselves to work on to become the best versions of ourselves, so it never hurts to be humble. With that being said, Seth Anderson will miss his time in high school, but is ready for graduation and the transitions to come.

Madison Welsted
Madison will be a young graduate at 17, but she is looking forward to finishing her senior year of high school. In the future, she plans to earn her master's degree in a major related to psychology, as she aspires to become a one-on-one counselor. She works at Subway and babysits to help save money. In her free time, she likes to read, write, and talk to people, so journalism is a topic of interest to her for sure.


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