Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Senior Feature: Nathan Barton

By: Elizabeth Smith/Sophomore Writer

Drive fast, take chances.”

After high school, Nathan (Nate) Barton plans to complete the Petroleum and Gas Program at Lackawanna College, which he started his senior year. He plans to participate in wrestling while in college, but does not plan on being a part of any other clubs or activities.

Nate wrestled for Blue Ridge until a knee injury took him out his junior year. Returning as a senior, he re-injured the same knee, which has taken him out of activities for the season, but he is still a team captain.

He anticipates the next few years will be structured between college and work with clear goals that will prepare him for his future. Nate dreams of working somewhere where he could go and enjoy providing for himself everyday.

Nate’s final words to his underclassmen to be yourself and try hard in school.

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Elizabeth Smith
Liz Smith is a sophomore who hopes to study criminal justice after highschool. Liz loves animals, especially horses and donkeys. In her free time, Liz can be found caring for animals on a friends farm, horseback-riding or in the barn. Liz also volunteers for AWANA on Friday nights.


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