Senior Feature: Jessica Marvin-Romero

Photo by Woodbine Photography

By: Delia Geyer/Content Editor

“Immigrants: We get the job done.” –Hamilton

Jessica Marvin-Romero plans on attending a university to study some combination of English, theatre, and dance. She plans to write for her school’s paper, participate in a Latino/Hispanic activism club, and participate in theatre and dance.

Marvin-Romero has been dancing for 10 years and had been participating in theatre since she was 11. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has done journalism in both her sophomore and senior year. This year, she is the Co-editor in Chief for the Raider Reader.

When asked what she thinks the next few years will be like compared to high school, Marvin-Romero says, “I’m expecting to need to be way more independent.”

If she could have her dream job, Marvin-Romero says she would want to do, “literally everything.” Her dream is to be able to write, choreograph, and dance until she dies (while also making a living).

The advice Marvin-Romero has for underclassmen is, “Do your work, be kind to yourself, and DO THEATRE.”

Delia Geyer is a 12th grade, second year journalism student. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and a three year participant in the program Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her favorite pastimes include playing the violin and the clarinet, learning about history and government, and hanging out with her two dogs Beezer and Roger. After high school, she plans to go to college to major in history, and then proceed to law school to become a family lawyer.