Photo by: Samantha Marie Photography

By: Sarah Marble/Content Editor

“Things are going to happen that you have no control over, but you’ve got to just keep moving forward.”

-Hailey Tripp

Hailey Tripp has been very involved in various activities and clubs during her high school career. Tripp has been a cheerleader for three years. She is currently the track and field manager and participated during last year’s season. All throughout high school Tripp has been a member of Leo Club. She has also been a member of FBLA, Envirothon, and Yearbook for one year.

After high school, Hailey plans to attend Wilkes University but is undecided on what major she wants to take. Tripp is planning on participating in football and basketball cheer-leading and possibly joining the swim team and the choir. Hailey anticipates that, “the next few years will be a little difficult as I try to adjust to all the changes, but I expect it to get easier with time. It’s also a time to meet new people and try new things, so it should be really fun.”

Hailey’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Do the work, but don’t overwork yourself. Make time to get everything done at your own pace so it doesn’t all pile up later. That way you can manage everything and hopefully reduce your stress a bit.”


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