Senior Feature: Emily Formosa

Photo by Luke Updyke

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

“Today is a gift, not a given right.”

Vice President of the Class of 2018, Emily Formosa, hopes to attend Bloomsburg University to study human services and possibly psychology. She aspires to be a part of her future college’s cheer-leading squad. Although she isn’t quite sure yet about her dream job, she knows that she wants to be able to make an impact on people and benefit their lives.

In the years following high school, Formosa believes that it will be stressful and knows that there will be hardships she’ll have to conquer. However, she is hoping to be successful in anything she does.

Throughout her high school career, Formosa has been involved in student council, Leo club, prom committee, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, football cheer, and was also the basketball cheer captain for the 2016-2017 school year.

To the underclassmen, Formosa says, “Don’t take advantage of the people in your life who only want what’s best for you. Instead, take advantage of the opportunities that will make memories.”

Li Ling Lee is a Blue Ridge senior who believes that everyone should be proud to embrace their own differences. She may be insecure, but she continues to get by alright. #PraisinTheAsian