Photo Credit: Colleen Tierney

By: Peyton Gelinger/Sophmore Writer

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”-  Steve Prefontaine

Daniel Tierney is member of the senior class of 2019. Tierney’s post-high school plans include obtaining a computer science degree (location undecided), and to work in the field of national defense. He has applied to the United States Navel Academy and is still awaiting a final response. He has been accepted to Binghamton University and Penn State University, but has not made a final decision. His dream job is to be a naval officer in the cyber-security field.

Tierney, an accomplished cross country runner, hopes to continue running cross country at the college he will attend.

He anticipates that in the years following high school he will go to work and work hard to get as much education as he can in a short period of time. Tierney says he plans on it being rather challenging.

Throughout high school, Tierney has participated in many school activities, including cross country, National Honor Society, and the lighting technician for the theater department.

When asked what advice Tierney had for underclassmen, he stated, “I’ve had a unique experience, which makes it hard to offer advice. However, I find myself missing previous events. I would suggest appreciating and enjoying everything that you do because eventually you start doing things for the last time.”


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