Senior Feature: Courtney Randall

Photo by Shannon Bixby

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

“Do the most you can do to the best of your abilities or you aren’t trying.”

Courtney Randall plans to attend and graduate college pursuing pre-law to eventually become a lawyer. If she could have her dream job, she would be a CSI lab and on-scene investigator, stating, “I’d really do anything to get that job.” 

While in college Randall doesn’t plan on participating in any sports teams, she does want to engage in sports clubs. She also is likely to join clubs that get together during the weekend.

Throughout her high school career, Randall has participated in volleyball, envirothon, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), National Honor Society (NHS), and many church-related activities.

Randall believes the years following high school will be better and more relaxed than high school. Due to her experience with AP classes, she feels that the transition of classes won’t be too difficult.

To the underclassmen, Randall says, “Start your college search in tenth grade. I waited until the end of eleventh grade and that was a huge mistake. Get it done ahead of time so you’re not doing it all at once and completely stressing out during senior year.”