Photo courtesy of Heidi Lynch.

By Peyton Gelinger/Sophomore Writer

RR: What are your plans after high school.

Bobby: “I plan to attend Keuka College to study nursing and continue my volleyball career.”

RR: Will you be participating in any clubs, special activities or sports?

Bobby: “I plan on joining the adventure club, and their student senate and participating on their volleyball team.”

RR: What other clubs, organizations, sports, etc. do you participate in, or have you participate(d) in?

Bobby: “I’ve played volleyball for four years and managed girls volleyball for two years; I also have been a member of SADD for four years and a member of NHS for three years.  This year, I am the class secretary for the class of 2019 and a member of student council.”

RR: How do you anticipate the next few years will be compared to high school? 

Bobby: “Tough, Stressful, but also in their own way relaxing and exciting. I’m excited to get out of this small town and explore. I’m ready to get out in the real world and begin shaping my future into what it’s meant to be.”

RR: If you could have you dream job what would it be?

Bobby: “Eventually I want to be a Pediatrics Oncologist.”

RR:What advice do you have for underclassmen?

Bobby: “Stay motivated. Work hard. Study! Nothing is out of your reach if you put your mind to it. Set goals for yourself and use those to motivate yourself, and when you reach one goal, make another!”

RR: Do you have a quote that helped you get through high school? 

Bobby: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”


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