Photo by Amylynn Ashley

By: Christie Baldwin/Senior Writer

“Be kind, but don’t waste time trying to prove it.”

Bailey Allen has been apart of numerous activities at Blue Ridge including Leo Club, softball, and Girl Scouts.

Allen plans to attend the after high school program at Votech. While there, she would like to get her LPN (licensed practical nurse). She would then like to go to college to receive her RN (registered nurse).

When asked if Allen would be participating in any clubs, special activities, or sports at college, Allen said she would, but she wants to focus more on academics.

When asked how Allen anticipates the next few years to be compared to high school she replied, “challenging but also a fresh start, it’s a chance to look at my future in a different aspect, and a chance to meet new people.”

Allen’s advice for underclassmen would be to “try to stay organized, but overall, just enjoy it and spend more time with your friends.”

Allen’s dream job would to be a Registered Nurse but also to work more with children.


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