Second Quarter Art Recap

Art II's Amanda Swan's hand project.

 Art created by Blue Ridge High School students


By: Cassie Clapper/Junior Writer

Every quarter of the year, grades and work are due, but for art, the process is a little different. Each art level and grade has a different amount of projects that must be completed, but are all due at the same time. It’s amazing to see how far each student has come since the beginning. We’re now halfway over with the school year and the art students have had a lot of experiences with their projects.

For the second quarter, each grade was assigned different projects. Seventh grade’s projects consisted of a prehistoric cave, clay canopic jars, primitive masks, Greek myth illustrations, and castle drawings. While eighth grade created clay gargoyles, abstract art, and Keith Haring-inspired character education. They also experimented with Realism and Impressionism, using acrylic paint.

As we move up from middle school, the high school classes do much more advanced and challenging projects. Art I’s projects included: the Hexagon Project, paper quilling, and a color-mixing mandala. The mandala is based on creating geometric designs while mixing colors.

“Art I is learning their basic skills and they build up each level. Each individual handles their projects differently,” said Mrs. Sarrah Dibble-Camburn, the high school art teacher.

Art II students had to create projects such as a Prayer Flag-inspired piece and an Expressive Hands Sculpture, in which each student had to encase their hand in plaster to create a mold, then carefully take it off and decorate it.

The Art III classes projects consisted of an independent choice, Fifty Things, and color mixing. The Fifty Things project is where the student has to think of a topic and fill in the whole page with their topic.  The Portfolio Art class did four independent projects based on their own choice of medium.

It’s really inspirational to see these different kinds of art depicted in so many different ways. It makes you want to think about what you’re good at and try to do it. As we learn from our mistakes, we keep moving forward as we push to improve.