Artwork by Staff Artist Ashley Torres

By: Carissa Zawiski /Junior Assistant to the Editor

Blue Ridge school portraits will be taken this Wednesday, September 18th for grades 6 through 12, and on Thursday, September 19th for Pre-K through 5th grade.

Send NO money in on picture day! An envelope will sent home on a later day with proofs and pricing information. There will be a couple of poses and backgrounds to choose from. Make sure to order after the portraits are chosen.

Do NOT wear a green shirt! The photos will be taken in front of a green screen, so if students wear a green shirt, the clothing will become one with the background. Also, be sure to wear the proper clothing so the patterns on the students’ clothing don’t distract from the focus of the face.

Be sure to review the proofs and pricing information, then make sure the order form is completed and return it back to school by the due date. 


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