Scholastic Bowl Team Competes at WVIA Scrimmage

Back row: Bobby Reynolds, Lauren Canfield. Front row: Jubilee DelGado, Luis Tobon, Jessica Marvin, and Garrett Mansfield. Photo by Alicia Ross

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

Scholastic Bowl is an academic competition in which trivia questions about anything are asked. On October 25, the Blue Ridge Scholastic Bowl Team went to compete at the WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage in Pittston, PA. This scrimmage was taped and will be aired sometime in the spring.

The team went head to head against Lakeland High School, last year’s champions, in the first round. Although they did not advance, the team enjoyed the competition and was able to go behind-the-scenes to see how the program was being filmed and put together. The advisor, Ms. Alicia Ross, said that the team was in a room with the production team and that all of the students really appreciated the chance to see where the magic happened.

Scholastic Bowl is a year-round club at Blue Ridge and the team will be participating in more competitions in the months to follow. To prepare for these competitions, captain of the team for the WVIA Scrimmage, Garrett Mansfield, mentioned how the team goes through practice questions with Ms. Ross during flex on days 2 & 5. He also mentioned how watching Jeopardy and being able to soak in information – wherever you are – can be key to success.

Being the first competition for them, it was a learning experience the team will be able to look back on.

“I think every time you practice or play you become more aware of how much there is to know and find out about our world. I think competition also builds confidence” said Ross.

Typically, Ross takes 11th and 12th graders to compete, but it’s never too early to start practicing as underclassmen.

“… join now. The sooner you start learning the style of the questions and getting familiar with possible question material, the better off you’ll be in competitions. Anyone who likes trivia will love scholastic bowl, so anyone interested should join us in Ms. Ross’s room during flex on days 2 and 5.” said Mansfield.

Ross joined in and said, “the longer students are involved, the stronger the team will be in their own senior year.”

So if you get a kick out of trivia and would like to test your knowledge, head over to Ms. Ross’s room on days 2 and 5 during flex.

Good luck to the Scholastic Bowl team in their future competitions!

Li Ling Lee is a Blue Ridge senior who believes that everyone should be proud to embrace their own differences. She may be insecure, but she continues to get by alright. #PraisinTheAsian