Scholarships! Scholarships! Come Apply for Scholarships!

Dave Weaver Scholarship

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

As the time for college comes rolling along for the seniors, it also means it is time to apply for scholarships.

Scholarships are super beneficial for students looking to go to college, technical school, or trade school. Applying to as many as possible can help to pay off the expenses a post-secondary education can come with. Luckily for seniors and anyone else who is looking into a post-secondary education, there are many resources that can be taken advantage of. Websites like Fastweb, Unigo, and Cappex offer hundreds of scholarships with various requirements including written essays or simply filling out an application and submitting it.

The guidance office is another resource for students to find scholarships. They are constantly receiving scholarships for students to apply to throughout the year from the community, online, and various organizations. To find out more about the exact scholarships the guidance office has, check their Facebook page, Blue Ridge Counseling Department, the binder they have in their office filled with an assortment to apply to, and their website located on the school webpage.

Getting a college education is expensive, so it is a safe bet to apply for as many scholarships as you can — no matter what type of financial aid you may or may not need. The guidance counselors, Mrs. Paula Finn and Ms. Shauna Williams, are always available, so make sure to stop by their offices if you have any questions about applying.

Good luck to all of the students out there applying for scholarships to help further their education!

Current scholarships the guidance office has include:

Burger King Scholarship

Pennsylvania Bluestone Association – Dave Weaver Scholarship

Garden Club



Li Ling Lee is a Blue Ridge senior who believes that everyone should be proud to embrace their own differences. She may be insecure, but she continues to get by alright. #PraisinTheAsian