Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Region Chorus 2020: Who Qualified for States?

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

Pennsylvania Music Educator’s Association’s (PMEA) Region Chorus festival is the second festival that qualified students will attend in the 2019-2020 school year. This festival determines which students qualify for All-States; the top four students out of 20 in each section attend the festival.

Blue Ridge sent seven students to this festival from February 26-28: Sophomores Danielle Tierney, Logan Mann, and Isabelle Edwards, Juniors Mason Conklin and Anthony Dissinger, and Seniors Morgan Mansfield and Spencer Renwick. These students were tested on songs that were performed at their Friday night concert. Their audition is then scored from one to fifteen in categories like pitch accuracy, tone quality, phrasing, rhythm, etc..

Here are the students’ placements and if they have qualified for All-State Chorus:

Soprano II: Isabelle Edwards – 19th

Alto I: Danielle Tierney – 13th

Alto II: Morgan Mansfield – 6th (First Alternate for All-States)

Tenor I: Logan Mann – 14th

Tenor II: Spencer Renwick – 2nd place (Qualified for All-State Chorus)

Bass II: Mason Conklin – 14th place

Anthony Dissinger – 17th place

PMEA’s All-State Festival will take place at Kalahari Water Park from April 22-25th.

Seniors Morgan Mansfield and Spencer Renwick.  Photo by Amy Zakarauskas

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Kaelin Hughes
Kaelin Hughes is a determined second year journalism student taking on her senior year at Blue Ridge. She has participated in Leo Club, National Honor Society, and theater. When you don't have any idea of where Kaelin is, she can be found doing anything music or theater related, stressing out over classes, or sleeping. Her future goals consist of attending college, but unsure of a specific path, since her ideas change at any given moment, but she's working on it, hoping to go through the motions of life.


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