Friday, January 28, 2022

PVRIS Review

By: Amber Brecht/Senior Writer

The majority of these last few years have been taken over by pop and hip-hop music culture. Recently, the music world has given many up-and-coming artists an opportunity to be heard, or at least some of the recognition they’ve been searching for.

Recently, a new band has been catching people’s attention. In the more “rock and roll” genre of music, you can find a band named PVRIS (pronounced Paris). Their style is one of the more unique ones being heard recently.

A band formed out of Massachusetts, the dark alternative and electronica-laced trio consists of frontwoman and vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (also known by her stage name Lynn Gvnn), bassist Brian Macdonald, and former “I Am The Fallen” guitarist Alex Babinski.

If you’re not into alternative, or rock, or a little bit of techno, then chances are this band isn’t for you. However, their songs don’t focus on just one style of music. Each song I’ve heard has a different tone to it, and can relate to just about any mood or feeling you could think of.

Their music seems to have a theme to it, or at least their most recent album White Noise does. The central theme seems to revolve around visions of the past, or even ghosts. However, you wouldn’t even realize Lynn Gvnn is talking about being a ghost when you’re jamming out to “White Noise”.

Altogether, if you ever find yourself wandering through the music world and you’re into alternative rock or electronica, search PVRIS. The up-and-coming band has a lot to offer to the music world, and they definitely need the recognition.

Kimberly Davenport
Kimberly Davenport grew up in Montrose, Pennsylvania. She currently teaches English and digital journalism at Blue Ridge High School, and is the adviser for the school's online newspaper, the Raider Reader. Kimberly loves traveling, spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren), and can often be found reading a good book.


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