Should You Go to Prom?

(Left to right) Jubilee DelGado, Delia Geyer, Li Ling Lee, Jessica Marvin, Kristen Henley. (Photo by Kathia Marvin)

By: Cassie Clapper/ Junior Writer

Everyone should go to prom at least once in high school. If you don’t go, you might’ve missed an opportunity of a lifetime. This is one of those life opportunities where you are celebrating life, getting out of your childhood and into adulthood. High school has its ups and downs, but when the dances come around, you want to have fun. Prom is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Wear that one gown or suit that makes you feel special, dress up in all the jewelry you love, fully express yourself and your style at the biggest party of high school.

Proms are full of great times. Not everyone goes, which is often a regret some people have. Instead of eating food at your house in the dark, you could be dancing the night away, having the time of your life. Even if you went, and decided that you weren’t having fun, you could still leave during prom and not have to think “what if I had gone?” No regrets, no worries.

Even if you can’t afford the top fashions, you could try to find your style online, or at an inexpensive store near you.

Our very own students shared their thoughts and insights on Prom.

Charlie Randall, a senior, states, “I think fancy clothes and dancing when I hear prom. I [will] be enjoying the time and dancing the night away.”

William Clauson, a junior says, “When I hear prom, I think [of] dancing and dressing nice. I will be standing around looking better than I usually do.”

Noah Seamans, a senior says, “I’ll be working while everyone else is at prom. When I hear prom, I think: ew, loss of money and seeing your possible ex-girlfriend.”


Cassie Clapper is a junior in high school and her first year in journalism. She is artistic in many ways and expresses her herself through digital art, fashion design, and sketching. One of her hobbies include photography. The inspiration to her love of art was through seeing her father draw a self portrait on a whiteboard when she was a kid. Her plans are to go to an art college to achieve her goals and to expand her knowledge. Her family and friends complete her in many ways, even in ways they don’t realize. Her dream is to be a fashion designer to show more expression into today’s generation.