Prom: Behind The Scenes

Photo provided by Alexa Stanley

By: Alexa Stanley/ Social Media Director

It’s right around the corner, the day every high school girl waits for… PROM! Although the day is filled with excitement as guys suit up and girls get their hair and makeup done, there is a TON of work that is put behind the production of prom night.

This year, Blue Ridge’s prom will be held on May 18th at the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton, New York.  However, the main subject everyone is curious about is what this years theme for prom will be. It took some compromise, but the prom committee came up with the theme, “Once Upon a Time”. For many people, this theme may mean different things. Some people may think of an enchantment while others may think of dark and ominous fairy tales. Blue Ridge’s prom will be an environment of both.

The prom committee has been working on centerpieces that incorporate popular fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, and even Peter Pan. Each centerpiece is beautifully intricate with its own sense of originality.

“On prom night everyone will be able to become a princess or prince and live in a fantasy!” states Gwen MacConnell, a member of the prom committee.

This prom will be like nothing else the students from Blue Ridge have seen before! Are you going to save the date?