JackSepticEye's logo from his channel

By: Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

Sean William McLoughlin, better known as his online pseudonym JackSepticEye, is an Irish producer, game commentator, and internet personality. He is crazy, outgoing, and loud. He is known primarily for his comedic Let’s Play series on video games and vlogs on YouTube. McLaughlin has accumulated over 18 million subscribers in the course of 11 years so as you could think the word got around quickly. It was in December of 2017 that #PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) went viral. This movement encourages people to think positively about life rather than negatively. When creating and starting #PMA, Jack’s mentality was to make an impact on fans and people all around the world – which it did. His followers everywhere began to tag their social media posts with #PMA. Though having a positive mental attitude has obviously been around for a long time, it was never encouraged as much as it is now. With all these YouTubers shining a light on mental illnesses, people are beginning to take it more seriously. This action by McLoughlin has gotten so big, that fan art by his fanbase is spreading throughout the media. McLoughlin was even able to go on a world tour to entertain his followers and talk more about the PMA.

fan art found on Tumblr by @aweirdlisa
fan art found on Tumblr made by @astrophysiciann
fan art found on Tumblr made by @raimeyl

Recently, Sean has gone on his world tour spreading kindness and laughter throughout the United States. Started May 28th and goes on till September 3rd. PMA is a great thing to have especially while growing up. If you let bullies get to you, you won’t live your life the way YOU want to. I think PMA could be very useful if more people come to know about it.

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