Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pennies For Patients

By: Peyton Gelinger/Junior Writer 

The Blue Ridge National Honor Society is having a “Pennies for Patients“ fundraiser. The fundraiser will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

From February 3rd to February 24th, all flex classes will be receiving a collection jar to collect pennies. You can also put in any other forms of money such as nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars. Thought the fundraiser the totals will be counted every Tuesday and Thursday. 

This fundraiser will also be a competition between the flex classes! The flex class that raises the most money will be able to choose between the three options. A pajama day, a week of leaving three minutes early to lunch or a pizza party. 

You can also make donations to this cause along with paying one dollar for putting your name on a drop of blood (being called the wall of hope), that will be put up outside the guidance office outside of the cafeteria during high school lunch. 

So start saving up those pennies for your flex class and contribute to the wall of hope in honor of a loved one. And if you have any further questions feel free to ask any NHS member or NHS adviser Miss. Yeust. 

Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a junior in high school. She spends most of her time keeping herself busy with volleyball, competitive dance and cheerleading. Spending times with friends and family is an important factor in her life. After high school she hopes to attend IUP with an undecided major.


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