Photo by Kaelin Hughes

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

The Blue Ridge class of 2019 has finally reached the time where their high school journey of fun, excitement, suffering, etc. has come to a close. For many, it feels like a breath of fresh air, an exciting time because graduates are now able to go into the real world and pursue their future goals.

The commencement ceremony on June 8th, 2019, recognized all of the new graduates, where they were touched by inspirational words from both students and faculty.

Valedictorian Daniel Tierney amused the audience with a speech on adapting to any troubles that may face one in the future, while thanking many faculty for all of the opportunities he’s had during his academic career.

Salutatorian Luis Tobon preceded Tierney, emphasizing how his friendship with Tierney served him to strive for academic success; Tobon also asserted that he wishes the best for his classmates and their futures.

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Lucrecia Jesse, and English teacher and Raider Reader advisor, Mrs. Kimberly Davenport then delivered a powerful speech on the weight of words and the potential outcomes from them.

Davenport told the seniors: “We want to talk to you about the power you have with the use of words.”

The two used this speech to stress how the graduates have potential to accomplish anything with their words, and cautioned them to ues their words wisely.

Jesse said: “Care about your words, and be careful with how you use them.”

The two went on to allude to many instances throughout history when words have sparked revolutions and movements.

The seniors were then presented with their diplomas, and the principal, Mrs. Casey Webster, gave closing remarks, sending them off on their next journey in life, whether that be college, the military, tradeschool or the workforce.

Congratulations Blue Ridge High School Class of 2019!

Watch the graduation ceremony here:


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