Online Store… SAY WHAT?

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

When Blue Ridge’s student store opened its physical location, it took many by surprise. Now, with the addition of a whole new online store, heads are really turning. The existence of an online store gives Blue Ridge exactly what it needed in terms of Raider merchandise- a connection to the modernized wave of technology that has almost become it’s student’s way of life. Although the idea is up and running, it is still new. According to Dawn Crook, one of Blue Ridge’s IT Specialists, this means that a “few bugs may be evident here and there”, but Blue Ridge’s technical support team has confidence that they will overcome all obstacles related. At the time of this article being released, the “Raider Store” is viewed the easiest on the school app, but plans to branch out to the school’s website are being put into place.

After asking several students how they felt about the recent addition of an online store platform, the Raider Reader easily concluded that expectations are high, and excitement is building. It will only be a matter of time before we know how it will truly turn out! Students, staff, and Blue Ridge’s community supporters alike are advised to order soon in order to get all of their items before Christmas! Orders placed prior to December 22nd will arrive on December 22nd (to reduce shipping costs for everyone).

If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what to get for your friends or family this holiday season, check out the Raider Store today, now available on the Blue Ridge app, or through the link below.

Luke Updyke is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and strives to do something new every single day. He enjoys creating music and pushes himself to do the best he can in all he does.