On the Subject: Are More Class Electives Necessary?

By: Luke Updyke/Photojournalist

Blue Ridge currently offers 45 electives. Seems like a ton, right? While it may seem as though there are “definitely enough” electives for students to choose from, I will remind you that the word, “enough” is a relative term.

After speaking with multiple seniors about whether they think more electives (or at least some different ones) should be implemented, it was clear to us at the Raider Reader that more electives were in high demand. Among many other close contenders, financing and help with college applications topped the list. Students felt as though balancing checkbooks, taking care of taxes and paying certain bills were hard things to grasp initially. They also felt that if they had a little bit of help with these things when they began that they would be much more confident with them.

One senior in particular felt fairly strong about the subject at hand. Garrett Mansfield said that he, “believes that any elective that can relate us to independent life could really help the student body.” With so many students feeling the same way, it does not seem too crazy of an idea that more electives will be added (or replaced). It makes sense that as time moves forward, the needs and wants of the study body have changed- be it drastic or not.

While the actual addition of these classes may still be foggy, many could take stock in the idea, seeing as it is greatly supported. While there are considerable positives to such an event, we must remember that they require vital resources, such as time. This is where things get complicated, because time is just about the most valuable resource, as you can never get it back.

What do you think? Should more electives be added, or is Blue Ridge “all set” with what it has?

Luke Updyke is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and strives to do something new every single day. He enjoys creating music and pushes himself to do the best he can in all he does.