Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Flex

By: Seth Anderson/Webmaster

Since 2015, flex has been seen as a short, half hour period often used by students to catch up on work, make up tests, and allow time for club meetings, but was often not being used for its intended purpose. This year, Flex has been altered by the administration in an effort to make students use their time correctly, and be more productive as a whole.

The new 2019 Flex has different purposes for each day of the week:

Monday is Character Development Day. It is a period used to share about ourselves with our peers and support each other. Each month has a different theme for Mondays, for example, September’s theme is building positive habits.

Tuesday and Thursday are used as test make-up days. These days are most similar to how Flex has been in previous years, and are used by most as a day to do homework or study for tests.

Wednesday is used for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) where students can read a book of their choice, or class reading involving talking to the text.

Friday has multiple purposes depending on the time of the month. The 1st and 3rd Friday of each month are reserved for clubs to conduct meetings. The 4th Friday is used as a career advisement period (CAP) where students learn more about their career of interest.

Flex has more structure now in an attempt to better equip students for the future and prepare them for greatness.

Seth Anderson
Seth Anderson is a first-year journalist taking on his senior year. He plans to attend college but is unsure about any specific path. He is an active member of Leo Club, on the Scholastic Bowl team, is an Envirothon member and has a part-time job after school working as a stock boy at the local grocery store, Rob’s Market. In addition, Seth is the webmaster for the school's creative writing website,, and assists with the journalism website, as well.


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