National Honor Society Ceremony 2018

Left to right: Isabelle Morris, Gwen MacConnell, Mary Kerr, Emma Mangel, Kaleb Folk, Garrett Mansfield, Megan Sommer, and Charlie Randall



Photos were taken by Jessica Marvin

  By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

Wednesday night, March 21 was a night full of scholarship, leadership, character, and service as new members were inducted into Blue Ridge’s chapter of the National Honor Society. The night started off at 6:00 pm with a dinner and the ceremony followed at 7:00 pm.

Before the eventful night took place, practice and setting up was to be done to make the night as wonderful as possible. Current members and inductees gathered in the auditorium during eighth period that day to practice what would happen during the ceremony. After practice was over, current NHS members all worked together to set all of the tables up for the dinner in the cafeteria during ninth period. With great teamwork, the students were able to finish setting up within the period, even sparing five minutes at the end.

Ms. Sarah Yeust, the NHS advisor and coordinator of the night, thought it went very well and that the dinner was enjoyed by everyone who attended. She also thought the ceremony was very special.

“All members and officers did a great job representing the National Honor Society. Thank you to everyone who helped with this event. I was really happy to see how many students and families remained after the ceremony to take pictures and visit with each other. Congratulations to our newest members on their acceptance and welcome to the Blue Ridge Chapter of the NHS. I look forward to continuing to work with our members to develop new ideas to make the NHS better each year.”

The Raider Reader asked the newly inducted students why they applied and their thoughts about NHS. You can watch the video below to read their answers.

Congratulations to the newly inducted members, the Raider Reader looks forward to watching the NHS chapter continue with their endeavors.