Moving Up in the World

By Patrick Brennan/Business Operations Manager


With the new year comes new freshman and new sixth graders, so I went and asked 3 freshmen and 3 sixth graders what their thoughts are on to finally be in a higher level of education. The questions that I asked are as follows:

How do you feel now that you are in high school/middle school?

Do you feel welcomed where you are?

What is one main goal you have?

Do you think you are more mature?

Do you feel like you have more responsibilities?

These are their responses:

Cadence Lusk /9th

“No different.”


“To play volleyball.”


“A little.”


Jesse Delousia/9th


“Nerve wracking because there is new stuff to get used to.”


“Take school more seriously.”

“Yeah more than last year.”

“A lot yeah.”


Mirella Annesi/9th

“It feels tough.”

“Not really, the other kids are intimidating.”

“Try to get into a lot of AP classes.”


“Yes I do.”


Will Plunket/6th



“Straight A’s.”

“Yeah, I don’t have to ask to go to my locker or to class.”

“We have to make sure that we are prepared for class.”


Ash Choploski/6th

“Nervous because its different.”


“I want to get into art club.”

“Not really.”



Braddoc Lusk/6th

“Its harder then elementary but its going to be more fun.”


“I want to get better at spelling.”

“Yeah, giving us a locker for the first time.”



Students coming into their new year feeling positive about being here is just what we want to see in Blue Ridge.  We can make more people happy and feel better the longer we are here.

He likes video games and staying in his room. He is happy this is his final year

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