Mama Loves MoMA

By: Jubilee DelGado/Staff Artist

Mama Loves MoMA

A very important detail about myself is that I am a huge art fanatic. I have always had a love for art of all kinds such as sculptures, dance, music, paintings, charcoal drawings, surreal art, abstract art, realistic art, and just about what ever other kind that you can think of. I even dropped a math class to take art again this year, and as someone who is aspiring to be a counseling psychologist, I would love to be able to experiment with art therapy. As you can see, art is a very important part of my life, so I jumped right on board when I found out that there was a field trip to New York City, and that we would be visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I was going to the museum, but nevertheless, I was genuinely excited, and when we arrived to the museum, I was not the least bit disappointed. The Museum of Modern Art was six floors of beauty, chaos, and amazement. There was so much variety of themes and types of art ranging from joyful to miserable, and from simple paintings to elaborate sculptures.

While some of the artists featured in the museum were not as famous or well-known by as many people, such as Constantin Brancusi and Barnett Newman, they all had excellent art. There were also works of art in the museum by famous artists such as Van Gough and my personal favorite impressionist painter, Monet.

There was also a large amount of different tours and other interactive events going on for the guests to really get involved. In every room, you will notice that there is a staff member at all times. They are there to keep everyone in line, but also to be able to help people with whatever questions they may have. Whether the question be about the art, the museum, or New York City in general, they were always there to help the guests. Overall, the staff members at the museum were incredibly helpful with everything. They were very friendly, and they handled difficult situations such as dealing with misbehaving middle schoolers in a very calm and orderly fashion.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute while in the museum. Unfortunately, I did go to visit the museum on a school field trip with a very tight schedule, so I had a very limited amount of time to see everything, so I had to rush. Because of this, I have made a plan to soon return to New York City, visit the Museum of Modern Art, see another one of my favorite Broadway shows, and have time to spend sightseeing around the city and to go shopping. After the short preview of the museum that I was able to see on the field trip, I am genuinely excited to go back to see the rest of the art, and maybe even go on some tours. I am very much looking forward to my return trip because, like the title suggests, Mama loves MoMA.