Thursday, January 23, 2020

Local Band Review: For The Better

By: Alexa Stanley/Social Media Director

The new band “For The Better” originated out of Great Bend, Pensylvannia and has come together in the past year to create music that pertains to a metal core audience.  This current three man band started last year in January by beginning to write songs and releasing them to stores such as Itunes, Apple Music and Spotify. This creative band has gained nearly 5,000 followers on their Instagram account along with 1,145 monthly listeners on their Spotify account! (Instagram- @forthebetterband // Spotify- For The Better)

Photography Credits: Alexa Stanley

The band is composed of three Blue Ridge High School alumni members. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Jake Pomeroy (right), front man/songwriter Craig Stanley (middle), and bass player Adam Collins (left).

“I’ve loved this type of music ever since I discovered it in the fifth grade and also because it is different from all other sorts of music.” states the front man, Craig Stanley.

Metal core originated in the 80’s where bands such as Suicidal Tendencies broke through the metal industry. Since then, this type of music has flourished and has populated from the state of New York.  Metal core is listed as one of the most popular genres of metal.

Singer, Jake Pomeroy tells the Raider Reader that “Being featured as the number one song on one of the top Metalcore playlists on Spotify” is the band’s biggest accomplishment so far.

What should we expect from the band? What lies ahead for these three young artists? For starters, For The Better released their new single “Mistakes” December 8th, 2017, and plan to release a new album in the spring along with a music video.

Alexa Stanley
Alexa Stanley is a bubbly senior with an aspiration for adventure! She has participated in volleyball, track and cheerleading. She will be furthering her education with a focus on nursing, hoping to achieve her goal of making a difference.


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