Life Skills Students Learn How to be Fit for Life

Life Skills Students Learn How to be Fit for Life

By: Cayli Allen/Editor-In-Chief


Fitness is an important part of school and life.  There is a new fitness class for the Life Skills class that Mrs. Adele Bennett teaches. Bennett explains, “The fitness class is designed to provide students with skills to help them in independent living in relation to caring for their health.  We cover topics such as body image, eating disorders, fitness (exercise routines), nutrition, eating properly, healthy physical activities that we can do in our everyday lives, etc.”


The class consists of seven students and Selena Schultz, a senior peer leader in the class. “Selena’s role is to lead students in activities, design some activities for the students, provide support and encouragement, and be a role model,” said Bennett.


This is Schultz’s first year helping out with the life skills class, although she says that she wished she started helping out freshman year. She is less than a week into helping out with the class and she says that she loves it. She said this should help her out, because after she graduates she would like to become a teacher or an aide. Schultz added, “All the kids are so nice and always put a smile on my face.”


Thanks to help from the community and Leigha and Coleman McCain, two Wiis and games have been donated to help the class. Bennett says, “It will be used as a way to incorporate students’ love of electronics into a way for them to keep healthy by playing baseball, bowling, etc.”


This class will prove to be a great way to promote health and fitness for the life skills students.