Monday, February 17, 2020

Lewis’ Thoughts On Senior Class

By: Peyton Gelinger/Junior Writer and Ryan Glatzel/Junior Writer

“Thoughts On Senior Class” is a Q and A segment on the Raider Reader. It is about commonly asked questions on this years senior class. Questions will be asked to teachers and staff in Blue Ridge High School.

Mr. Lewis 

Role(s): Business Teacher

Have you had members of the senior class through all four years of their high school career?:

“I teach electives and I usually have 3 or 4 seniors for all 4 years, but I have many seniors who I have taught for 2 or 3 years.”

Do you think the senior class is ready to graduate and move on to more schooling or career opportunities?:

“I hope as a district we have done our job in doing this.” He says that he instills his students to “find a career in something you like and you’re good at, and then to find the training for that.”

Is it sad to watch them go?:

“Not really. High school graduation is just another milestone that ends with a new beginning for the next step.”

Is there some senior class members you’re going to miss more than others?:

“I try to connect with all my students, but some I have in most or all of my classes, so there is a stronger connection with them.”

What are some of your favorite memories from/with this year’s senior class?:

“The sense of humor I’ve shared with some of the seniors and greeting them on a daily basis.”

Anything else you’d like to add about the senior class, or advice for this year’s upcoming senior class?:

“The more you learn about yourself (strengths and weaknesses), the better prepared you’ll be for the next chapter of your life.”

Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a junior in high school. She spends most of her time keeping herself busy with volleyball, competitive dance and cheerleading. Spending times with friends and family is an important factor in her life. After high school she hopes to attend IUP with an undecided major.


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Lewis’ Thoughts On Senior Class

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