Is the IPhone X too Much?

Photo drawn by Micah Mullen

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

As many of you know another new iPhone was made. According to ZDNet, the iPhone X costs $999, but is it really worth it? While asking sophomore Amanda Swan, she said she would not buy the iPhone X for mostly one main reason.

Photo of Sophomore Amanda Swan taken by Micah Mullen

“It costs too much money,” says Swan.

Many people throughout the world have been buying this phone and making a big deal about it. The new features like facial unlock and no buttons on screen seem to make people go wild for this phone. Although these new and exciting features were added, junior Kyra Powell would not buy this phone.

Junior Kyra Powell

“I would not buy this iPhone X because of the facial recognition. It is really creepy. Me not buying this phone is not just for the fact that it will recognize my face, but it also feels like an invasion of privacy,” says Powell.

There are many things you can do with the iPhone X like make yourself an animation. According to Powell this phone is not worth buying. It still feels like an invasion of privacy. If other people want to buy this phone “it depends on how much of their privacy they are willing to sacrifice,” states Powell.

“If they want to use the phone it is their prerogative, but aside from all that no, It’s not worth buying,” says Powell.


Kimberly Bryden is a junior in high school and a first year journalism student. Her plan for the future is to become a trauma nurse. She likes helping people and loves the excitement. She cares about her family and many others. Kimberly first started showing interest in becoming a trauma nurse when her grandmother became diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed in 2011.