Is Leaving Early Detrimental to Student Athletes?

Student athlete, Garrett Mansfield working hard on school work. Photo by: Luke Updyke

By: Gwen MacConnell/Co-Sports Editor

Athletes always agree to the fact that school comes first before sports. However, in this case, what really comes first? In the high school, AP classes are spread out along all periods of the day. This means that some students might have an AP class during the last period of the day. The way that this is scheduled, makes it very hard for student athletes. When they have away games, matches, meets, etc., it means that they are required to leave school early. Leaving class early can affect an athletes grade which according to the handbook, can restrict the player from continuing to participate in that sport. Once a student is failing two or more classes, they would be put on academic suspension and only allowed to come back until they get their grades up. When an athlete leaves school early, they are responsible for making up the work that they missed.

However, it is very hard to make up work for the same class if you are continuously missing it every day. The work piles up to the point where it is unbearable. It almost feels like the athletes are penalized in a way because of the stress they go through when trying to make up work so that they do not get behind even more than they already are. A mandatory flex at the end of the day would make it 100x easier for both the students and the teachers. This would give athletes a perfect time to leave if they had to because they wouldn’t be missing any important classes.

When asked, the previous athlete of the month, Adam Roe, said that it would be very logical for everyone to have a flex at the end of the day “so we don’t miss anything especially when all athletes have to leave early for games or matches.”

Missing class because of leaving early makes it very hard on the students and a flex at the end of the day would be very beneficial for the education of our student athletes.

Gwen MacConnell is a senior and this is her first year in journalism. Gwen is on the basketball team, track team, and her personal favorite, the golf team. Besides being active in sports, she loves music, hanging out with her friends, and attending Penn State football games with her family.