How Early is Too Early to get Ready for Christmas?

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

Halloween has very recently passed and stores ALREADY have Christmas decorations on their shelves.

Thanksgiving has not even reached our tables yet and people are watching Christmas movies and decorating their houses with those same decorations that are already in stores!  Many people skip right over Thanksgiving and just lump it into the Christmas festivities or just begin to listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies before they even decorate for the holiday.  Although many other people do wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start getting ready for Christmas.

Jake Decker and his family are one of the families that respect Thanksgiving as its own holiday.  Granted they begin the Christmas spirit and the decorating immediately the day after Thanksgiving.

He believes that “too early for Christmas decorating is in mid-November, but mid-December is way too late.”

When the question, “When do people decorate for Christmas?” is googled, the popular answer is either late November or early December, or coinciding with the beginning of Advent.  So all in all, most people decorate after Thanksgiving and acknowledge that Thanksgiving is still a holiday that people celebrate. However, that may not be the case with most people, as that answer from google may just be a statistic that doesn’t represent most people who decorate as soon as Halloween has passed.

Regardless of what people as individuals may believe to be true, there will always be Christmas decorations in store right after Halloween.  There will always be different people with different feelings on whether or not decorations should be put up before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving or not until the first week of December.

Emma Glezen is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and this is her first year in Journalism. She plays volleyball but, loves to watch baseball. She cherishes her family and two dogs, Jett and Gypsy. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, spending the time hunting and fishing. She also hopes to further her education at Penn State Hazleton to be a physical therapist assistant.