Flu Season: The Worst in A While

Flu Season drawn by: Staff Artist, Micah Mullen

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

As many of you know, the flu is spreading around fast. It is the worst it has been in years.

According to Flu Near You:

Flu activity in the United States

Last 7 days:

  • 5.67 % 909 reports Flu-like symptoms
  • 17.9 % 2872 reports Other symptoms
  • 82.1 % 13171 reports No symptoms

Junior Allyssa Johnson stated that she is not scared to get the flu.

“After I get the flu, my immune system will get better,” says Johnson.

Johnson also states that to help keep her from getting sick, she eats oranges, which are high in Vitamin C.

Junior Allyssa Johnson taken by: Cassie Clapper

Junior Jillian Stone states that she is not scared of getting the flu.

“I know that there are people dying from the flu, but I am not necessarily scared of getting it,” says Stone.

One thing Stone does so she doesn’t get the flu is wash her hands regularly.

“I’m not really avoiding it, I’m just hoping I don’t get it. I also drink lots of water, orange juice, and get the flu shot,” says Stone.

Junior Jillian Stone taken by Kimberly Bryden

Elementary teacher Erin Keihl stated that the flu is very frightening because it is killing healthy people fast.

“I didn’t get the flu shot so it’s even more frightening,” says Keihl.

Keihl also stated that she is scared of getting the flu because she has three kids of her own.

“I also teach kids all day and some have or had the flu already,” says Keihl.

Elementary teacher Erin Keihl taken by: Micah Mullen