Sunday, December 15, 2019

Flex Committee

By: Ashley Torres/Staff Artist

This year, Mrs. Casey Webster has helped to implement a new flex, which turns Monday into character development day, Tuesday and Thursday into workdays, Wednesday into silent reading day, and Friday into Club Day with a career advisement period (CAP) day once a month. However, there are many problems that students have with this change because for most of the students, it is their only free period to get school work and studying completed. 

While meeting with each grade individually, Webster has decided to initiate a flex committee of students who are willing to talk to her and the guidance counselors, Mrs. Paula Finn and Ms. Shauna Williams, about changing flex so that it is more beneficial for the student body. The first flex committee meeting was held on Wednesday 11/13/19, during flex in the auditorium. 

During this meeting, there was a small turnout of students, consisting of mostly seniors and a few underclassmen. There were many ideas that circulated about the structure of the upcoming character day and the time periods of these days in order to make the best flex plan for everyone. By the end of the conversation, it was decided that starting December, character day would switch every other week with another club period. This change was made in order to give more time to all of the clubs and to give another workday to those who do not participate in any club.

Another subject that was discussed was the next character day theme, which will be centered around Internet Safety. This is a very important topic to go over, especially since social media is being used more and more as the years go by. By spreading awareness, it may help to avoid serious damage that students can cause themselves or their peers.

More people are welcome to join in on these meetings, which will be on the announcements and add any new ideas/suggestions on how to improve flex are definitely encouraged. Through the rest of the year, Mrs. Webster will be working with those in the committee during meetings to try and make the flex period more beneficial for students.

Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres is a first-year journalism student. She loves playing sports and being involved in school activities/clubs. Ashley is an amazing artist and loves spending free time drawing, after high school, she aspires to be a physical therapist and play college basketball.


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