Feature Athlete: Travis Hickling

Photo Credit: Julee Elbrect Shores

By: Daniel Tierney/Webmaster

Travis Hickling, a senior at Blue Ridge, is a member of the Cross Country team.  This is his 5th year running on the team, and in the past he has qualified to compete in the state championship race in Hershey, PA.

This year, Hickling plans to run fast, with the ultimate goal of qualifying to run in the state championship again.  While running, he remembers this goal to keep him motivated.

In the future, Hickling plans to start an apprentice program with an electricians union.  On his journey, he will miss “Long runs with Charlie and our bus rides home from meets.”

“Cross country is such an amazing sport, you get not only stronger physically but also mentally.  I’ve been blessed to be a part of such an amazing team that has become family to me.”

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