Fall Sports Districts

Credentials: Joby Fawcett

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor

Fall sports have been nothing but success for Blue Ridge. From soccer to volleyball, each team has been a part of PIAA Districts. Head coach Lorie Zick has lead the Girl’s Volleyball team to a shocking record of 16-2! Senior, Abby Hartman having a stellar year with 168 kills in 399 attempts leaving her with a kill percentage of 36.5. Freshman, Hunter Heeman is having a great first year with 78 kills in a 177 attempts with a higher kill percentage than the senior sitting at 44.1. Blue Ridge can only imagine what kind of year is possible for her as a senior. The team is set to play MMI, at North Pocono this Wednesday at 7 P.M.

Boys soccer has once again dominated the year with a record of 15-3 going 10-2 in their Conference. The team has once again been lead by head coach Eric Stallings. Former All-State striker Axell Mejia has finished his high school career with 96 goals. Just four goals off the prestigious 100 goals, which is similar to 1,000 points in basketball. Sadly, the team’s season fell short of expectations, losing their first District game to Montrose. The Raiders are losing 6 well-needed seniors this year and will have to work with a very young team the next year.

Lastly, cross-country has also had a great year with coach Mathew Nebzydoski, who has once again qualified for the Boston Marathon (read about it here). The Raiders cross-country team is only losing two seniors this year, but both are extremely talented. Senior Travis Hickling has qualified for State Playoffs 3 times in his high school career. Hickling has also had one of the fastest race times in Blue Ridge history with a time of 18 minutes and 33 seconds. For a 3.1 mile race, that’s quite the accomplishment. The second senior, Charlie Randall, has been nominated the Runner of the Year by the coaching staff. This year, fall sports have once again run the show across the league. Hopefully all three young teams can follow in their footsteps.

Senior Gavin Bradley is a first year writer. He is a member of the varsity basketball and soccer team, but has played all sports, he is also a former class president. Gavin is a DJ and enjoys politics.