Envirothon at Salt Springs!

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

Every year Salt Springs hosts Envirothon groups from about five schools.  These groups then split into smaller groups in order to rotate through multiple learning stations.  Each station is a different section that is on the Envirothon test, which is held later in the school year at Elk Mountain.  The stations consist of, Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatics, the Current Event and Soils.  To each station there are one or two leaders that help to educate all of us on the topic.

Wildlife, of course, gives everyone a lesson on how to identify through the animals’ tracks, call or physical characteristics.  The leaders of Wildlife had given us a run down on tracks, furs and skull builds.

Forestry, is all about trees and logging.  In the forestry section, you learn how to measure how many board feet are in a tree, how to identify trees by their leaves or bark or leaf arrangement, and what characteristics a tree possesses.

Aquatics is basically, what it sounds like, all about water life.  Streams, rivers, lakes and ponds, and the animals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles that inhabit them.

The Current Event is different every year and is based off of what may be the biggest problem that is not addressed very well.  This year is all about grazing.  How farmers rotate their livestock between pastures and what works best for the farmers for fencing them in too.

Finally, Soils, the subject that is all about the ground we walk on daily.  This station analyzes the texture, structure, and type of dirt and what type would be optimal farmland or not.

Emma Glezen is a senior at Blue Ridge High School and this is her first year in Journalism. She plays volleyball but, loves to watch baseball. She cherishes her family and two dogs, Jett and Gypsy. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, spending the time hunting and fishing. She also hopes to further her education at Penn State Hazleton to be a physical therapist assistant.