Elementary Weekly Artists: Week 3

Photo by: Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

By: Carlton Smith/Staff Artist and Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

Week three of the Elementary 5th grade artists and they’re now getting more intrigued into their art by expanding mediums that they have used. This week two eager kids are in the spotlight: Madison Gaylord and Riley Phillips.

Photo by: Carlton Smith

Madison found out she loves abstract art by Ms. Brotzman’s lessons on it. “I love using colored pencil for abstract art since they blend nicely,” says Madison.

Photo by: Carlton Smith

Riley just lets his imagination go in art, “Doing whatever I want is my favorite because my imagination is free.” The medium he prefers most is oil pastels because they’re smooth.

Micah isn’t your typical Senior you see, she’s different. Describing her would have to be shy yet bold and artistic; especially artistic. She is practicing in the tattoo feild and works hard to get better and better at various techniques. Micah plans to graduate and go far in her life. She sure is adventurous as well, always up to getting out of state.