Double Up on the Buses!

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-sports Editor

Fans to most athletes is an absolute necessity in any sporting event. Fans create an energy throughout an arena or gym that could never be matched. Fans boost athletes morals and can be the difference in a close game that gives one team the edge over another. Acquiring fans is fairly easy at a home event generally because the school has many local fans that don’t have travel far to see the game. As for away games that is surely not the case. Away games are mostly far away from the local area of the home team. The distance is too much of a hassle for most people to drive.

Over the past two years Blue Ridge has had a bus for fans to ride and travel with the team to their away games, but this has only been for the Girl’s Volleyball team. Because of the teams success, fan buses have been used often to bring students to their District games. The past four years the volleyball team has won a District title and qualified for playoffs.

Fan buses are usually suggested during the annual morning announcements and students are required to sign up in the office. Students from other schools are not allowed to ride the bus nor are adults. Although it’s the students riding the bus, the Girl’s Volleyball team are the ones that bring it up to the schools’ Athletic Director, Mr. Summers. A fan bus is generally hard to get considering you need to have a lot of students to sign up for a fan bus to become necessary. Most students only sign up to ride the bus when it is a key game or a rivalry.

Athletes across all Blue Ridge sports believe there should be a fan bus to all away games. Senior, Gwen MacConnell, who is apart of the Varsity Golf team and Varsity Basketball team, stated “Fans give a sense of school spirit that can really have an impact on the game.” MacConnell also went as far as saying “I think all teams should have a fan bus no matter the sport.” But not just Gwen MacConnell had a strong opinion on the subject. Senior, Abby Hartman said “Fans give our team confidence and emotional support. Just knowing that our peers are supporting us every game is a great feeling.” Fan buses are a growing trend at Blue Ridge and certainly have the support needed to implement a fan bus for away games at all sporting events.

Senior Gavin Bradley is a first year writer. He is a member of the varsity basketball and soccer team, but has played all sports, he is also a former class president. Gavin is a DJ and enjoys politics.