Sunday, May 31, 2020

Door Decorating Contest

By: Brooke Marvin/Senior Writer and Jack Condon/Freshman Writer

Blue Ridge High School’s Student Council is holding their annual door decorating contest.
Each high school flex is encouraged to decorate their doors starting on December 5 up until December 19th. Judging will take place on December 20th by Mrs. Less, Mrs. Stepniak, Mr. Orner, and Mr. Hutchins. The winning flex class will be given a holiday treat basket and a hot cocoa party for not only participating, but also showing a great sense of holiday joy.

More in particular, to reflect on last year, Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Price were the high school flexes that won. Mrs. Bennett claims her students play a major role in the making of their door. In fact, this year, her students chose to transform their door into a big gingerbread house. Mr. Price and his flex chose to decorate his door with a theme of the Grinch. 

To conclude, the winner of the annual door decorating contest of 2016 is.. Mr. Price! His flex will be rewarded tomorrow during fifth period, December 22. Congratulations and Happy Holidays from not only the Raider Reader, but the flex classroom doors! 

Jack Condon
Jack Condon is a senior writer. He runs cross country and track while also enjoying everything to do with art and fun activities. He always looks to the future and peruses what would be best for the success of whatever he is doing.  He is happiest when in the mountains on a trail listening to the sounds of nature.  He feels as though the best way to discover the world around him is by putting on running shoes and exploring.  All in all, he falls in love with what he is doing with all his heart.


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